Access Consciousness Bars

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Access Consciousness Bars is an energy healing technique that allows you to release long held patterns and beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from living your life in joy and with ease!  Access Body Processes bring ease to your body!Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool

Energy Healing

What else is possible!? Try Access Bars and find out!

Are you seeking change?

Are you blocked?

Are you stuck?

Do you want to feel different!?

Be Happier? More expansive?

 What else is possible for you in your life!?

I am very excited to be able to offer clients the opportunity to experience Access Consciousness Bars.  A Bars treatment can help to free you from the thoughts, beliefs and structures that hold you back, help you to heal your body physically and allows you to pull into your world new energies and opportunities that you may have thought impossible.  This has certainly been my own experience of Bars!

  We can do this 1 to 1 or at a distance, energy healing works both ways, (see my testimonials to confirm) though at a distance you miss out on the nurturing element physically.  What drew you here to this page?  Maybe, just maybe, this could be what you’ve been looking for.

Ask yourself … What would it take for me to be happy?  How can my life become easier? What would it take for me to experience joy every day?

The following videos show some amazing evidence of what happens physically during and after Access Bars treatments.

Video Evidence

A neuroscientist shows evidence of what happens to the brain during a Bars treatment in the video HERE

Dr. Lisa Cooney shows evidence of what happens to the body during a Bars treatment in the video HERE

Would you like to find out how I can help you?

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What happens during a session?

Initially, we discuss where you are and what it is you’re having problems with or would like to change.   Then you will be made comfortable on the therapy couch, fully clothed, and I will begin to work around the specific points on your head to start the release process.   It is a deeply relaxing form of energy healing and you need do nothing but relax and enjoy the process.  By the end of the session, at worst you will feel like you’ve been nurtured and had a lovely head massage, at best you will have begun to change your life!

Results After Bars?

My clients are finding their horizons are expanding, they and their lives are changing, new possibilities are created and they feel great! 🙂 One client has sessions when his work has dried up and I quote from his recent email “my work has gone bonkers, ha ha, I’ll be able to retire soon!”

 For myself!?  I have found that the release of some long held beliefs have brought immediate changes, my life is changing for the better, lots of new opportunities are arising and my life is expanding rapidly!

… what else is possible!?  Kam

Access Consciousness Body Processes!

Access Consciousness Body Processes can help with a wide range of physical conditions. They are a gentle, hands on process that combines energy work with gentle, physical touch, enabling your body to release and help it to move back to it’s original state.

Is there something about your body, or going on within your body that you’re not happy with?  Perhaps, you’d like to change those things with body processes?

What is a Body Process?

An Access Consciousness body process is an energy healing modality that enables your body to ‘undo’ conditions and return to it’s healthy state, through gently placing the hands on specific points on the body (you remain fully clothed) and asking specific Universal energies that are available to everyone to run.  It’s a little like assisting the body to go back to the original blue print.  Your body is a living organism, it has intelligence and it knows what it needs and doesn’t need, by asking specific energies to run where the body needs it, the body is assisted to repair and indeed in some cases, undo damage or trauma that is present.

Results after Body Processes

Body processes can assist the body to function with more ease, boost your immune system and repair damage or trauma.

I used one of the body processes on myself.  After having major surgery a few years ago, I was left with a large, hard, lump of scar tissue on my leg that I could cup my hand around!  It was causing my leg to go numb when sleeping on my side.  I experimented with running one process every day for 5 days and was both amazed and delighted to see and feel a huge improvement.  A few weeks later, with a few more processes run, the post operative scar tissue has softened and shrunk to a quarter of its size.  I no longer wake in the night with a dead leg and my jeans fit better!  How does it get better than that!?

Of course, this is just my own example … but how could a body process help you?

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Tuesday, Wednesday between 10.30 am and 8.00 pm Friday between 10.30 am and 5.00 pm 

*I operate a late cancellation (within 24 hrs) /missed appointment policy of full payment for the session.


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