Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Energy transmits from healer to client no matter where they are

Energy transmits from healer to client no matter where they are

Distant healing is a difficult concept for many people .. how can you affect someone who is in a completely different space to you?  In fact at times .. on a different continent!  The simple answer is, you can and it works!  However, describing the process of how it works is a little more complex.

I’ve often tried explaining the process to people, by explaining that everything is energy and that by focusing my attention on them, wherever they are, then channelling the healing energy to them means that they receive it where they are.  Certainly people feel it or are aware ‘something’ is going on and have the same relaxed state as if they were lying on my therapy couch.  After having this conversation again today with a client, I have done some digging around and found this very interesting article from a scientist who explains it through quantum physics entanglement theory!  Please click on the link below.




How Energy Healing Happens – Even Over the Phone!


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  1. Rodney Aries

    Hi there, I have developed symptoms of insomnia in that I wake up from sleep every 2 hours. Waking upup from sleep Ievery have shoulder and back pains. I have received treatment for the back as well as booking massage session for next week.

    Im looking for assistance to get back to longer sleep periods.

    Kind Regards

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