Self Development – New Beginnings

Self Development – New Beginnings  

New Beginnings

New Beginnings


First written on 23/06/2011, I now find myself once again enjoying a new beginning! 🙂

There are always times in our lives of transition, those strange places between endings and new beginnings, the places where we feel lost and alone, places where we wonder how we actually got here and why.  Our Self Development during new beginnings is heightened, they are times when we are stepping out from our comfort zone and stepping into the unknown.

I think for me, the how I actually got here, has been self evident, I’ve been working toward this time for many years now.  The why?  Well, the why is the same for all of us, the why is because this is what we’re meant to do, Dance our Dreams.

Each of us comes here to this earth to ‘Dance their Dream’, but sadly, so many of us don’t get to do that, so many are ‘sleeping’ or don’t realise quite what their Dream is in the first place.  I think that’s where I’m very lucky, because over the years, I’ve developed my inner life, my spiritual connection and my creativity to a point where at last, it’s all coming together so that I can ‘Dance my Dream’.

For some, a dream is something you have while you sleep, oftentimes not remembered, or only fleetingly.  For myself, it’s something that I associate both with sleeping and waking, both being equally important, both being influenced and woven by our deepest wishes and desires.  Sometimes those wishes bring us joy, sometimes the opposite, but the one thing that we can be certain about, is that we have influenced our outcome through our thoughts, wishes, words and actions.

So, you might wonder, what is Blue Butterfly’s dream?  It’s simple really, I want to be able to touch other people’s lives in a positive, healing way, with my art and perhaps too with words, but also with my therapy work.  My art is a reflection of many things. In nature, I feel the beauty within of the subject I’m drawing or painting, and I do my best to let that essence flow out from me, onto the paper, so that hopefully, other’s can both see and feel the spirit of the living thing I have put onto paper or canvas.  Sometimes, I create paintings for others for their journey, to strengthen them or to heal them, but always to increase their awareness and therefore their healing.

So .. this is my new beginning .. I’m beginning to Dance my Dream, even though I’m still feeling slightly transitional .. but .. this too shall pass.


Written 23.06.11

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