Totem Symbolism – Blackbird

baby blackbird

The Blackbird and the Inner Journey

The Totem Symbolism of Blackbird I discovered, (when this was first published in July 2011), is at the heart of our Inner Journey.

At the back of my secret garden is a very large, overgrown privet hedge which at this time of year is heavy with blossom and fills the air with its scent.  It’s perfume brings all manner of flying things from bees to butterflies, and the garden is buzzing.  People tend not to know that the common privet flowers, simply because most people are intent on keeping it neat and tidy and not allowing it to be it’s true self .. it just shows what they’re missing! 😉

Today, when I went down into my space, it was a beautiful, hot summer’s day.  I sat there quietly listening to a soft bird call, coming from the rambly hedge. On investigating, not 3 feet from where I sat, hidden in the tangle of branches, was a male blackbird, sat with 2 very round and still quite fluffy, tail-less as yet, babies.  He seemed to be almost comforting them, just cooing, while they hopped around the branches in the hedge. 

I sat totally absorbed in the little scene before me, before realising that this was the second time in the past week that I’d been presented with blackbird energy.  A friend had sent me a photo to draw, of a blackbird, I saw it as a bit of a challenge and agreed to do it, however, as my week progressed, I’d forgotten all about it.  It reminded me and made me realise that I ought to check out what blackbird was showing me.

I’ve always loved the blackbirds in my garden, but being privy to sharing my space with their young is indeed a blessing.

The Inner Journey

Before I go into the symbolism/energies of blackbird, perhaps I should first explain that the past week has been bumpy.  My journey has been very solitary this week, the only painting I’ve done has been of meditation visions and at times it’s been very emotional, leading up to the solar eclipse energy at the weekend.  Only today do I feel like I’m coming out the other side of another transitional shift in my energy.

It’s been a week where I’ve meditated deeply and been shown things I’ve never seen before, I’ve been higher and deeper.  But, most importantly, I now know, that from this point on, my foremost guide in life will be my higher heart.

It’s hard to put into words, for those that don’t experience in this way, but the only way I can describe the experience of my higher heart leading me forward is to liken it to being both pulled forward along a powerful searchlight … but being aware too, that the searchlight is coming from my heart and is only activated when something is for my highest good.

If I sit quietly, with no distractions, focus and ask my heart a question about my path and the way forward .. I know I can move forward if and where the searchlight is lighting up the way.  If you’ve never tried to do this, I recommend you give it a try, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

The Blackbird

Very often, guidance will come to you in various ways, for me, it often comes through dreams and nature.  But, if we miss it, we’re given it again and again, often in different ways.  

According to “The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm”

The blackbird represents “Enchantment, The Gateway and The Inner Call”

“’Blackbird’ calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware.  .. pointing out the ways in which we can discover more about our hidden motivations and potential.  There are times in life when it is important to concentrate on the outer world and your responsibilities in that world, but there are also times when you must attend to the haunting song of your soul which calls you to a study of spiritual truths and to an exploration of the inner world through dreams and myths.  In heeding the ‘blackbird’s’ song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul.”

The balance to this, or the contrary message is this .. you are being reminded that ..

“..the blackbird is the smith’s bird, and his song may be calling you to work in the forge of your own heart – to create a life of passion and purpose. All four elements are used in metal-working, and to create a healthy and balanced life we must work with the power of the four elements, integrating and developing our minds and hearts, our instinct and our intuition. Just standing at the gateway between two worlds, without truly working in either, is a denial of our own power and responsibility.”

Putting it all together

So you see, blackbird for me, is a reminder that I need now to move forward and follow my heart in a more focused, definite way, knowing that it will only lead me places that are in tune with my higher purpose and passion. 

Are you listening to your heart?  Do you give yourself time to enjoy quiet moments?  Next time you see a blackbird, listen to its song and let him lead you to your own soul song.




  1. Susan

    Thank you for your insight. Today I was walking in a parking lot when a black bird swooped down and landed on my head, very deliberately. It then proceeded to peck my crown twice before flying off. So very curious. It was clearly trying to tell me something. I am searching the net seeking deeper insight into this experience. Thank you fro providing just that. Kind Regards, Susan

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Susan, you’re very welcome, I’m glad it helped. It’s very unusual for a black bird to land on your head! I’d feel very blessed if that had happened to me. I still have a close connection with Blackbird myself, and recently on my Gateway Retreat, had some close encounters myself, which were very appropriate. 🙂 I hope that you can unravel what Blackbird is trying to show or tell you. I would also look up the symbolism behind 2, since he pecked you twice .. and look at that in relation to your crown chakra and all that that points to. Many Blessings

      • Vanessa

        I have seen come into contact with a black bird for the past 3 days when I have been on my way to work and Home. I found it rather usual since I live in the desert and mostly come into contact with pigeons. However this bird is beautiful and black with the side of his head bright red. I wonder what he is trying to tell me.

    • Natalie

      When I was outside with my roommate, we were talking about these bumblebees that always fly near us and I told her that they symbolize communication. Then as I turned to her a blackbird flew right by the side of my face and I flinched thinking it was a bumblebee and she said no it was a blackbird. And I’ve had occurrences with them recently and today I saw one fly past my path. So I as well have been researching about them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Universe is helping me develop my psychic gift and inner-wisdom. Also, to meditate with the blackbirds singing and that I can relate to them because I love to sing. This was good to read also. Thank you!

      • Blue Butterfly Spirit

        Glad you enjoyed it Natalie, and 3 is an excellent nummber to have show up! 🙂 <3

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Thanks Jenny, I love it too, in fact one has been coming to me for 3 days now and singing to me down my chimney, and again, it is quite appropriate to what is going on in life.


  2. Hi Kam, I’m intrigued that your blackbird post was last year and the comments are this year, when I also am being awakened by the blackbird. I am studying the blackbird as my root chakra animal totem, using Ted Andrews Animal Speak as a guide. When I was trying to choose this animal totem I was guided by a few interactions – a nest in my rosebush, a male blackbird singing its heart out at the top of a tree outside my balcony, blackbirds in the garden and a fledgling black bird landing under my chair when I was sitting in a friends garden. Then today, I found a dead female blackbird when I was strimming in the garden, worrying about catching any toads..and then I found your site! Thank you 🙂

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Joanne

      You’re very welcome, Blackbird is a wonderful totem and can be very powerful! Glad the site helped some. 🙂


  3. Raewyn

    Thank you for this insightful post. Ive had a blackbird fly in and out of my house. It also came in and sat on my fridge for a minute or 2 before flying out. Then it comes to me at work and just sits on the beam above me or flys around me. But always feels like its just watching me it doesnt make a noise, it seems friendly, for some reason it feels familiar to me. This has been over the space of 2 months. Ive been really confused what to think but what ive been reading its kind of making sense to me.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Raewyn
      What a lucky lady you are! 🙂 Perhaps you have Blackbird as one of your totems, rather than as a visiting power animal, so it’s someone you really resonate with .. just a thought! 🙂

  4. Linda

    Thanks for the insightful post. I can especially relate to what you describe as coming out of the other end of a transitional shift in energy. Like others here, blackbird has flown into my life recently – though, in less spectacular ways than others here. It might be more accurate to say that blackbird has flown into my awareness, but I certainly feel it is trying to communicate something to me. It was in the process of looking for meaning that I discovered this site and I’d like to bookmark this page, but don’t seem to be able to, while I can bookmark other websites. I’m wondering if this feature has been disabled.

  5. Acua

    I have now every days in the window of my office a black bird noking in the glass and juping (the backyard )is a garden …what he wants to delivery a mesage

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Acua

      That is very unusual behaviour, he’s certainly getting your attention! 🙂 I would advise researching all the information you can find on Blackbird and just notice what ‘rings true’ as to your current situation in life. I’m pretty sure that there will be a reflection of your life situation there. Blackbird is making you aware. 🙂 Blessings, Kam

  6. blackbird9496

    My brother nicknamed me blackbird a month or two before he died and I never understand why.. He told me to look it up clearly because he did.. I lost my brother last Monday and I felt it was time to understand why I have the nickname that I do. This clearly is meant to be my nickname and I will always remember it as my brothers mark in my life.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Good morning Blackbird 🙂 I send love and blessings to you and your family for your loss. Your brother obviously named you for a reason, and I’m glad that you decided to look around to see what Blackbird represents and I suspect he is too. I love Blackbird, he often comes to me at times of major change, and although the message he brings can vary according to where we are, he is always a harbinger of light and hope. Many blessings to you, Kam <3

      • Teresa wright carrier

        My father died march 2nd 2015. As he was dying I saw the shadow of a large black bird fly from the room toward the window. Three months later the Beatles song: black bird singing in the dead of night – take these broken wings & learn to fly – all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arrive…my father was of American Indian descent. I had always saved bird ornaments after the death of loved ones. I don’t know why…in September I found a black bird ornament in my garage. I 1st thought it trash – threw it in a garbage bag. Later I found it again on the garage floor. I realized it was my fathers funeral bird & I now have it with his memory box.

  7. Midge

    The last two days I have been visited by various blackbirds one that kept flying very close and landing on the street lamps I was stood by with a friend he would then fly round in circles and land on another one. Then this morning it opened my back door to see and hear lots of blackbirds signing in the tree at the back of my garden. Can anyone help me understand what is trying to be said to me please ??

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Midge 🙂 When blackbird makes itself known to you like this, it’s to make you aware. Now what it’s making you aware of depends on what is going on in your life right now. They tend to come along when there are new things/changes ahead. What I’d suggest you do is google blackbird totem and blackbird medicine, there are lots of good sites with information out there. Some parts of the descriptions will stand out to you, so you just need to see what fits with your life now, or feels right in their descriptions. Hope that helps! Blessings, Kam

  8. emma

    Hi, I have what I think has been the same blackbird in my garden for a few years now. No matter what the season the blackbird seems to appear in my garden (front & back) when I look out my window at various time of the day. It always seems to be looking in & I do feel there is a message there somewhere. The last year has been particularly hard for my family & I feel comfort from seeing the blackbird every day & I swear it’s always the same one with a yellow beak. Sometimes I see others but mostly the one with the yellow beak.Do you think it could be the same one all these years?

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      It’s possible Emma, Blackbirds are known to live for several years. There are signs all around us to comfort or give clarity, it’s just a case of us being aware and noticing them. It does sound like there’s a message there for you. I would Google Blackbird totem symbolism, assuming you haven’t already and check out what resonates with you as you read through the different descriptions. There are lots of facets to totem symbols and it depends where you are in life as to what the message would be. Hope that helps 🙂 <3 Blessings, Kam <3

  9. Lisa

    Can you help me I had 2 black birds come down my chimely and they was flying around all my house. What does that mean

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Lisa, if you’ve read through the article and the comments, then you’ll see that they can come to you in an unusual way to get your attention. (2 coming down your chimney is certainly unusual 🙂 ) I’d read around on blackbird symbolism and see what resonates with you. They can symbolise a move toward change.


    • I opened the door to my home office this afternoon to find a blackbird flying around the room. It was shocking because I rarely open the windows, and if I do, the screens would prevent anything from getting in. I just wanted to open the window and let it out before it pooped or pecked at me. As it hid behind a chair, I opened the window and then waved a stick around to get it moving. It quickly found the window and flew out. I am in the process of buying a house and need to fix up my current one to sell so I can move 1,000 miles away. That’s a lot of stress to deal with, so I am hoping by what I am reading here that the bird come to encourage me to keep forging ahead.

      • Blue Butterfly Spirit

        Hi Joanne 🙂 Well, I’d say that Blackbird definitely got your attention! Forging ahead sounds good .. but also remember that they are showing that change is coming too. A good sign I’d say! Good luck with your house move! 🙂

  10. Aus

    Hey, great post! Thanks!

    It was what I was hoping to read… 🙂

    Recently I have been having some troubles, nothing too major but basically felt ‘out of balance’, I have been trying to work out ‘my philosophy’ and I really felt that I need to listen to my heart / inner self and find out what the true voice in me is saying instead of the constant ‘voice in your head’ but it is hard to hear through the noise….

    Today I found a super quiet spot out in the country with an amazing view, I went up and just sat and relaxed and with my dog. After a while I closed my eyes and began to meditate, I did so for maybe 5 minutes, whilst doing so I asked for my inner self/the universe/bigger me/god ‘to show me the right way’ . . . when I opened my eyes 4 blackbirds were stood around me in a semi circle!!

    It was quite surreal, had to try and find out what it means!!


    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      I’m glad it was helpful to you 🙂 So lovely that they came to you like that as well!

  11. Louisa

    Dear Blue Butterfly Spirit,

    I was so happy to find this page and see other people experience the same things as I have and realize the deeper meaning at hand.

    I have been practicing kundalini Yoga and I do a series of meditations every morning facing my balcony. I find it extremely interesting that on days when I complete the full kriya and mantras birds come to my balcony and just sit there. This is not common, I seldom have birds on my balcony at other times.

    One morning after meditating I looked up and had two mourning doves leaning on my table and a few Robbins.

    Later that day I was eating lunch in Central Park and a black bird came creepily close to me and started singing without fear of being close.

    Today I had time to do the full mantras and after I was done a beautiful blackbird came and sat on my balcony . It had rainbow colors on its black feathers sort of a beautiful colorful iridescence. As soon as I pulled my phone out to take a picture it flew away but I was there long enough for me to see it .

    I’m thinking this means to continue with kundalini yoga and perhaps continue doing my mantras daily? I feel like is so unreal and powerful.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Louisa 🙂 How lovely! You’re so fortunate to have these experiences, and I’d say that by doing your spiritual practices your energy is being purified so that your energy feels good to the animals and birds, and they are quite comfortable in your presence! Here’s a little experiment for you … (I have done this several times with very clear results) Next time you are in the park, or at a zoo or pet shop where animals or birds are close, try sending love to them from the heart and watch their reaction. My guess is, they’ll be drawn to you. Enjoy your practice! 🙂 Blessings, Kam <3

  12. noirin flanagan

    Dear blue butterfly spirit this morning I was in bed and woke to a noise a baby blackbirds came down my chimney he fly upstairs and I had trouble to get him out the window for a long time he stood watching me then flew out .Not sure means anything?

      • Blue Butterfly Spirit

        Hi Noirin, usually an event is significant if there are several contacts with the creature, or it is an unusual event that really gets your attention. This would be the latter. I’d look at where you may be going into a new phase in life, look at both what the blackbird could reflect to you symbolically … i.e. its general meaning, but also maybe how it came to you. Maybe unecpected or surprising change? Blessings, Kam

  13. appy

    I saw a blackbird outside my window with a burnt black paper in its beak..on getting my attention it flew away..just hoping its nothing negative

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      I wouldn’t think so no, remember that black is the colour of going within, not necessarily something negative. Perhaps, if it was a message, it is to look inside to assist your process 🙂

  14. Thyra

    Thanks so much for your uplifting site! I recently lost a beloved pet. A fews days afterward I saw a large blackbird in my yard and when I went outside I realized there was a very large group of them sitting in my front yard! Several days later another huge flock greeting my 2nd dog and me on the way home from our walk. Not quietly I might add. Any thoughts about the implication of the very large (and not very quiet) group of blackbirds? I feel as if they’re trying hard to get my attention. Thanks so much for your kindness and insight.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Thyra

      I would look at your life and see where there may be a new phase coming into play. Obviously with the loss of your pet, things will change, but they usually point to us needing to look at where we are in life and where we need to go. Not sure if that will help or not, but something to think about perhaps. Blessings, Kam

  15. Wow! I was awoken very early this morning with a song going thru my head, Blackbird, and the lyrics Black Bird fly…over & over Matter of fact, the song won’t leave my head today. Figured I’d look up the symbolism of a black bird, this is very right on target. I have been having some struggles…..yesterday was an emotional boo hoo day. I’ve got this!

  16. Ron

    There has been a Blackbird sitting outside my window in the same spot for hours everyday for two weeks now!!

    Anyone have feedback for me?

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Well Blackbird is definitely getting your attention! From a nature perspective I’d check out some bird forums, but from a spiritual perspective see what other totem and power animal sites say about blackbird and see what resonates with their message. Blessings, Kam 💖

  17. latonya

    I woke up one black bird outdide squilling. 10 minutes later he came with two more singing what does that mean???

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Latonya,

      Maybe just getting your attention? I’d look up blackbird totem or power animal and see if you resonate with any of the energies they represent.

      Kam <3

  18. Laura

    Hi,,,, I’ve read this and kind of put my head at ease, I have a slight fear of birds, and yesterday 2 blackbirds where on the roof at the back of my house (I was sat in the garden) when I looked up at them they seemed to flutter about then drop down to the gutter and when I looked again they was both sat on my wall, one in particular seemed as though it was watching me which threw me a bit, so I quickly got something to feed them, thinking maybe that’s what they want but they flew away. I have recently had 2 robins a mom one and baby one, same with the blackbirds and this evening I have a wood pigeon observing me. Any suggestions would be grateful as I feel like I’m in the Alfred Hitchcock movie 😳 Xx

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Laura

      I don’t think there’s any cause to be concerned, maybe it’s just your energy is quite calm and they felt ok to draw close. If it happened with the same bird type 3 times or more, I’d suggest researching the meanings of the individual birds. As it is, I’d say it was just a lovely opportunity that you had to connect with them 🙂 <3

  19. louise

    Hello Blue Butterfly Spirit,
    I love the beauty and hope that these spiritual birds are. I have read the comments above and mine differs slightly, so thought it would be worth a mention.
    I was upstairs on the phone to my mum today (she has terminal cancer) when a female blackbird (brown in colour) crashed into the downstairs window. The bird didn’t die, but did injury her wind and we called the rspca. Things have been very tough the last 2 years emotionally and financially.
    Do you think there is any spiritual meaning here or just a coincidence?
    Thank you in advance for your wisdom and thoughts xXx

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Sorry to hear about your mum and for the delayed response. Yes,given your history I’d say it points to a new phase .. Many blessings to you, Kam 💖

  20. Rana

    Hi, I came to this website browsing info…
    I just went out with my dog and while i was waiting a blackbird came a few meters next to me on the ground, just looking at me taking a relaxed feather position.
    Its already dark so he was clearly trying to get my attention.
    plus since few weeks I have been finding black feathers on my daily path as well.
    ” i am being watched” 😉

  21. Amanda Tea

    OK so over the last few months I have had a black bird hit my window at exqctly 5am, it wasnt hurt just got up and flew away, ive then had male and female blackbirds standing in our garden and sitting in our trees watching us, now I have a flock of around 30 blackbirds surrounding the front of my house. Now my mother just called telling me she has a black bird (female) following her down the garden path and now its just sat watching her, its not phased by how close shes getting to it.
    Not only black birds are visiting but a single Robin too, it will come and purch right next to me when I sit in the garden, again its not phased by my movements or how clise I am.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Interesting how they’re getting your attention. 😊 Robins can become very tame, you’re very lucky! Blessings, Kam

  22. Ruth

    Every morning and throughout the course of the day do I go out and feed the Blackbirds, they are very dear and special to me and although i love every bird that I see, Blackbirds hold a very special place in my heart. One used to appear every morning and wait on the doorstep for his raisens and one more recently has been seeking refuge under my table, she was clearly not well. I fed her each day and she would just sit near my door, when I went too close she would move but the other day she sat outside and didn’t move, not even when I got close and I just knew she wasn’t going to make it. I put her under a propped up bowl to protect her from getting attacked and by morning she had gone. She had rested in my garden and I was happy to have helped keep her safe in her last was very sad… Blackbirds make me happy and whenever I see one I have to say ‘Hello Mr/Mrs Yellowbeak, you make me smile!’ x

  23. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post. Ok, so this happened to me today. I was on my normal drive to work which is a 45 min commute. I love my job but I have been actively applying for others not only due to the drive but also because I need to increase my income in the next year due to my alimony ending. While driving in to work today I was trying to think things through because I have an upcoming job interview next week. Just as those thoughts entered my mind and I was on the exit ramp I was forced to stop. There were at least 100 black birds in my path. They would not fly, would not move until I stopped my vehicle. Once stopped I then started moving slowly and the birds didn’t fly away but they parted slowly allowing me to pass through. I could not get that experience out of my head so I went online to google the meaning of black birds and I stumbled upon this post. As I read it I had goosebumps! I do not know yet the significance but I realized that this is definitely a sign that I need to pay more attention to my decision. Thank you so much.

  24. PIKI

    I have had female blackbirds showing themselves to me everyday this week, wherever I go. For some reason I have never taken much notice of them before. My cat caught one yesterday and I had to relieve our home of this poor thing (too late unfortunately). Is there something more particular to the females? I have seen no males.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      I’d research the feminine aspect of what blackbird represents and also how it is showing up in your life, plus I’d look at the characteristics of the female blackbird on some nature sites. Hope that helps. Blessings, Kam <3

  25. Emma

    Hi there,

    This story resonates wity my current situation. This morning I’ve been looking for answers. I believe that I am in touch with my spirituality and am constantly looking to the universe for guidance. Ive been shown the number 1.23 usually in the form of time which to my understanding relates to spiritual awareness and my spiritual path. This has been happening for a few months since I started my new job. The day I moved out of my flat with my ex a black bird appeared and just sat content on the curtain rail. 3 weeks later I’m back at the same flat to stay for a few nights whilst I find another flat. As I walked into the room I was staying in the exact type of bird was sitting on the door to the room I was staying in. I’m confused as to what this means but I do feel like there’s a reason and message for his/her visit. Is it telling me to move on from my partner or stay and help him with his troubles? So far, I have played a huge role in helping him find himself but in the process he has hurt me. Is it telling me to let it all go and focus on me or stay. I just don’t know? Some advice or a different perspective will be greatly appreciated 😊

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit


      As blackbird is connected with the gateway .. to new beginnings, it could be showing you various things, i.e. a new way of being with your boyfriend, perhaps with you being more in your own power, or perhaps reminding you that there are new beginnings elsewhere. I would meditate on this when you can be alone, just keeping the awareness of the situation and the relation to blackbird to the fore of your mind before you go into it. Ask for guidance and see what you are shown or feel. If I can help you to move more into your own power, or gain clarity with a Guide & Angel clairvoyant/clairaudient reading, we can arrange a 1 to 1 session via skype, just email me on . Many blessings to you, I hope you gain some clarity. Kam <3

  26. How wonderful to have found this. I am going through major changes at the moment and feel like I am being shown/given messages by nature on a daily basis.. it’s almost like I can see another world imprinted on top of this one (if that makes any sense!)

    Every morning for 10 days a blackbird has been in the same place in our garden looking up.. almost like it’s waiting for me to wake up. Each day it gets closer and closer and just now it came just two feet away.. staring for a long time.. I talk to it regularly and it hangs around for hours.. when I lived in London 15 years ago, my blackbird friend there used to come and perch on my balcony and sing every morning.. I just thought he was a friendly bird. Back then I wasn’t awake as I am now!

    The calling can be resisted no longer.. Thanks again 😁

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Teresa, You’re very welcome, it sounds like you’re going through an amazing time. 🙂 Perhaps you have blackbird as a totem? You certainly seem to resonate with them. 🙂

  27. Judesca

    I was walking to my car a day and a black bird flew right next to my hand i felt the wind and it like pass so close it tap my sleeve. Then i kept walking and the same thing happened again. Another afternoon i was walking and i got frightened cause a nlack bird pass so fast and again tip my sleave 2 minutes after the same thing happen ianother one passed so fast and i felt the air by my ears so i went to the car quick thinking they going fly into me . Oh i also always these days find bird mess on my car. Even when i dont park next to trees the just find my car. And this just began to happen lately

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Judesca, sounds like Blackbird is getting your attention 🙂 Lucky you! Blessings, Kam

  28. Bishie

    I’m intrigued that over the past couple of days I have

    1.found a blackbird nest (with two babies) in my lemon tree outside my lounge – they have now flown away

    2. Walked into my garage (attached to my house) and found a blackbird in it that then left by the door it came in

    3. Just now, walked into the kitchen and found a blackbird in the kitchen floor – which then flew back out the door it came in!!

    What does all this mean? I’ve never had birds in my house before 😱

    • Bishie

      OMG – and a baby thrush today!!! Which flew in and sat in the mat by the door and then flew out to sit in the outside chair before a blackbird flew down and touched his beak and then flew off!!

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello 😊 I’d say they’re definitely trying to get your attention. Ifvyou read the blog post you’ ll recall it’s about transformative times. I’d look at your life and watch out for new opportunities ..because usually that’s what they’re trying to showvyou …things are goingcto change. Hope that helps and love the thrush experience toi! Thanks for sharing 😊 Blessings, Kam

  29. Vix

    Thank goodness I found this post, any guidance or shedding of light would be appreciated. I recently lost my sister to horrendous circumstances. An inquest has been opened and foul play suspected. The night we had to go and remove her belongings from her flat we stopped at her friends house after to inform them of her passing and to enquire if they had maybe heard anything of significance from her that could help us figure out what happened.Whilst waiting for them to open the door what at first looked like a ball of dust/hair rolled past us and ”appeared” as a black bird that squaked directly at us. This was close to 21h00 at night and I was freaked I leapt from where I stood and turned away for a second I heard what sounded like someone stepping on glass and when i looked back,thinking maybe my uncle had followed my lead to turn away and had maybe stepped on glass, the bird was no longer there. i will never forget the ruffled feathers, the intense eyes and the shrill squak of the bird. The next morning whilst discussing arrangements another bird flew into my uncles house through the dining room door, circled us in the kitchen and flew back out. this bird however seemed lighter in colour (dark grey),much less scarier and much more peaceful/graceful. I have been on Google for the last week trying to get an understanding but the only thing I can relate to is that it gave us some sort of message but it felt like it was dark like ill boding. Please shed some light

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Vix, Thanks for your message. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s passing in such an awful way. I’m afraid I can’t give you much more insight than the blog, only that they’re usually harbingers of change … they’re around when we get to ‘gateway’ moments, which this unfortunately is. Gateways are key moments in time, where once we pass through, everything changes. I hope it is a message of light for you, as I wouldn’t generally associate them with darkness. You may look back and see it as a pivotal time in your life when you made positive changes. Perhaps also as the nature of your sister’s passing was so dark, your perception of the initial encounter was coloured by you being in a darker/lower space given the events and what you were about to do. Hope that helps, Love and blessings to you, Kam <3

  30. emma woodbridge

    my dad passed away 3 days ago, to whom i was extremely close and today a blackbird flew into or house, he jumped around a bit and my husband tried to usher him out where he left a feather.
    what does this mean please ?

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello Emma

      I’m so sorry to hear you lost your dad, it’s a very difficult time. Sometimes people think that birds come as a representative of the person that has passed over, however, for myself I see them more as messengers. As blackbird came to you as he did, it is very unusual for a bird to do something like this and to leave you a feather is also unusual and seen as it giving you it’s energy. Blackbird energy is about moving into change and that change often brings a trial of sorts, which I’d see as you losing your dad. They represent gateway energies,the start of a new way forward. I wish you well on your new journey and send love and healing to you and yours. Blessings, Kam

  31. Rebecca Noelle

    Good morning! This blog post is so beautiful, and the comments and stories in this thread have been a joy to read right now.
    I woke up this morning again at about 5:20 AM to blackbird some outside my window. My house is about five stories tall and so there are no trees right outside the windows, but rooftop. And I have been visited up here by blackbirds It seems this year so much more than other years. And over the past weeks they have been showing up at work and the other day at a presentation for work there was one sitting on the fence outside that I could see through the window, Which I just watched for a while and that felt comforting… Sometimes very close in a park or something… Sometimes just the male, sometimes a couple.
    This certainly is a gateway time in my life. It is a period of amazing shifting and change. I have given notice on my apartment, in order to move to a place closer to the ground and trees and grass, and in order to have animals in my life such as dog or cat, which are not allowed in this apartment. I am also deciding to change jobs and embark on a completely new path, also including more work with animals. This may entail moving to another city for a while, something I am looking into this weekend actually. I am also in a new friendship relationship, open for developing into more. So really yes, things are changing in really every aspect of life! And the blackbirds seem to be accompanying me. ❤️💞✨❤️
    I love the presence of the blackbirds and some other birds that have been showing themselves to me this past month or so more strongly.
    The symbolism that you describe here, Kam, resonates with me. We are on our path, all of us, and we are not alone. I appreciate this. Thank you

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your story with blackbird. It really does show how their energy works! Good luck with your beautiful new beginnings 😊💖💖

  32. Louise Elizabeth Beer

    Thank you for your insight. I have between 3 to 4 black birds with black beaks and black legs following me around. I believe that they are the Scandinavian black bird. Could you tell me why I have thus particular bird following me?

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Louise, It’s hard to say really, I’d look at the characteristics of the Scandinavian Black Bird firstly, to see how that fits with the general black bird meaning, plus try and take note of what’s happening for you when they show up .. oh yes .. and also look at the numbers 3 and 4 … if you take a look here there’s some good information on Angel numbers. You really need to look at what’s going on in your life and relate the information to that. Hope that helps. 🙂 <3 <3

  33. Ethan

    Please listen to my story. I came upon some voodoo, that definitely influenced me. One day about 3 years ago, iwas riding through downtown on my bike.I decided to take a which is kind of like a gravel path in between very old shoe factory and another buisness.its a handy cut thru. When i went through i looked up, there were 2 decapitated crows or blackbirds impaled on the telephone pole. The things the guys step on to climb up the pole you know? 2 of them, decapitated and impaled on a telephone pole, right smack in the middle of downtown. Next day i went back to see if they have been taken down they had. And another one this time with his head have been impaled on one of those things on the telephone pole. I don’t ever tell people about it cuz it’s just so weird. But since then I have made strides in my blues guitar playing that are blowing the minds of the folks around me. I don’t see how I can do this, it just possessed me it’s need to learn to play African-American Blues. Today I’m Avid blues player and 18 years of age. What does this mean? Did those crows put some kind of spirt in me? I’m almost convinced. Some people say the blues is the devil’s music, if so the devil showed himself very hard that day. Decapitated crows on display what can we make it this please answer

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hi Ethan, I tried to reply to this quite a while back but not sure you received my message. I’m afraid I know very little about the dark arts, however it does sound like there was some dark energy associated with the birds. Your playing however, may come from another lifetime where you’ve played before and rather than thinking you’ve been influenced by the dark energy .. I’d look on it that it is a talent that was already within you, that once you touched on that music, it resonated with you because you’ve done it before perhaps .. does that make sense to you? I hope so. 🙂 Blessings, Kam

  34. Jamaica

    Today I had a swarm of over 100 blackbirds in my backyard…they were very active and loud, a very impressive sight. They only stayed for a short while and moved on. I’m sure they are on their way south for the winter. It was an almost overwhelming encounter, and I was wondering if you might provide any insight into what it could mean? I have been through a lot this past year, I’ve been feeling called to deepn my inward journey toward discovering my truth, and kind of try to make sense of everything that has happened to me in order to better direct my path towards the future.

    • Blue Butterfly Spirit

      Hello, Apologies for the late response 🙂 Perhaps they are showing you that you’re at a turning point now. Usually it would mean changes and if they show up consistently then I’d be looking for major changes .. as this was a one time thing, maybe they were just showing you that the tide has turned .. time to move forward perhaps? Blessings, Kam 🙂

  35. Hello, it’s quite a time it seems that anyone’s posted something on Blackbirds. I came across this site because I was searching for an answer to what happened to me this morning. I was walking my dog, who was lagging behind sniffing etc., when I noticed a blackbird very close to me. The fieldI walked in has just been ploughed so many birds visit it for food. However, this was the only blackbird and astonishingly, it walked, hopped ahead of me for almost the entire walk!
    Mystified I have been on the web to try and find out why. There are some conflicting answers but I feel certain that this was meant as some kind of message. If you have an idea what it might be I’d be very interested to hear.

  36. Tia

    I’m just returned to uk from Aus after being there for 13 years!
    Feeling like a little plant plucked out of ground and replanted but struggling to take root!
    Tonight I’ve discovered in my porch a beautiful little nest of newly hatched blackbirds!! Always been my favourite bird! Am overwhelmed!!
    Understand totem medicine but wondering what this specifically means for me as sure it is a message!
    Also going into dark moon????
    Blessings Tia x