About Kam and The Blue Butterfly Story

About Kam Tunningley   Kam

Kam Tunningley’s conscious spiritual journey began in 1991 when she trained in Spiritual Healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now known as The Healers Trust) to help herself heal. Encouraged by members there to work with the gift that she had, she worked with a healing group and began to facilitate group work. This initial training was deepened with an in depth two and a half year diploma course with the College of Healing, at Runnings Park in Malvern, where she was also a member of the School of Channelling for 3 years.  She is currently a Member of The College of Healing..

Nature, and being close to nature is an important part of both her life and her Spirituality following an eclectic Spiritual path which embraces Angels, Guides and the Native American philosophy.  Self Development both of herself and others, is a passion which she loves to share with others to help them see the empowerment and expansion that comes with it.  Along with this, Spiritual Art and being a Spirit Painter, one who expresses the spirit of the subject painted, is close to her heart.

After relocating to Lowton, near Warrington, Kam has now moved to a new home in Ashton in Makerfield, with lovely views of sheep gently grazing, in a bid to share her Blue Butterfly Medicine with a wider audience.  This location is centrally situated, within easy reach from Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington and Wigan.  She is engaged to Paul, mum to Emma and David, and the proud Nanny to Jack and Florence. 🙂  She is currently focused on bringing her art work more into her life and forming community within the holistic world.


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