Ascension Healing Card

What is the Ascension Healing Card?

The Ascension Healing Card is a channelled healing tool gifted by Spirit in October 2018.   I was shown in a dream that I’d be working in a new healing capacity, through the use of healing cards.  My spiritual team then worked with me to produce a trial set of cards for several people, and some of their experiences and thoughts are detailed below.

The Ascension Healing Card is small and simple, (approx business/credit card size).  Visually, the card has a few simple colours laid on the card, however, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by this, the energies within it can have powerful effects when held or focused on regularly.  The energies/frequencies that each person requires to take them to the next level, are embedded within the paint/card.

This tool works initially to clear old negative energies, often things that have been difficult to shift and brings in new high frequency energies that are appropriate for you at this moment in time.  These energies raise your vibration, to move you into a new way of being.


Some of the changes experienced by those that have used the cards so far have included:

  • Stronger connection with Higher Self
  • Release from karmic patterns
  • Shedding of outdated beliefs
  • Blocks cleared
  • Heightened spiritual insight and sensitivity
  • Moving into forgiveness
  • Improved communication and expression of emotion
  • Perceptible changes in Aura
  • Improved ability to connect with the Earth
  • A greater sense of Self
  • Increased Intuition
  • Clarity
  • Acceptance
  • Increased ability to listen and follow heart and soul


The cards are channelled uniquely for each person, as the frequencies are different for everyone.

Unlike having multiple, personal, face to face healing sessions, the card can be used at times and places to suit you. As they are small, they’re very easily slipped into a purse or wallet to go with you.  Each person is given what is appropriate for them at that time and each clearing process and ensuing changes are unique.  The cards can be looked at as the equivalent of approximately 14, self managed, healing sessions. The results people had were similar to a week’s healing session in 10 minutes. (Some people have found the cards last longer than this.)

They come laminated, with full instructions for use, and are  used for just a few minutes each day.


Here’s what other’s who have used the card would like to tell you …

“I found working with the ascension healing cards made it easier to focus and allow the energies coming through to work constructively within my own energy field. Some of the healing and releasing I have accomplished over the two weeks have been things I have struggled with for a number of years. I will be using healing cards in future to aid my ascension work. A powerful healing tool that I would highly recommend to all who are walking a spiritual path.” Amanda R – Sensitive, Spiritual Soul


“Use the card regularly, daily and be open to the shifts. I think if you can truly surrender, let go and be open with no expectation, the best results can be achieved. They are subtle to begin with but in my case my energy was so receptive to this that I feel it has cleared blocks that have been long held and I would like to work with this energy further as I feel it is beneficial to my ascension journey.” Vivien C – Sensitive, Spiritual Soul


“The card allowed me to get in touch with my higher self on a regular basis and helped me to get through an extremely difficult and emotional time for me” Geoff B, Reiki Master


“Be open to it’s effects and go with the energetic flow.”   Helen B, Healer, Clairvoyant


“This is a way of healing, activating without the distress of conventional methods – calm in a card.” Bec H, Sensitive, Spiritual Soul


Ascension Healing Card options:

Individual Ascension Healing Card only – £40 free post in UK, Internationally, plus P&P. (Cards are sent ‘signed for’ delivery.)

A personal 1 to 1 Ascension Healing Support Session with Kam – £25.

Secret Ascension Healing Card Group Membership Facebook – Free

There is a secret group on FB where you can chat with others who are using or have used the card.  I’ll also pop in to answer any technical questions.  If you feel you would like some support on the journey, (not more energy work), but perhaps support with your healing process or more clarity on what is unfolding for you, this is possible with a 1 to 1 either online, phone or via email for an additional fee.  Once you feel that the card has done its work, subsequent cards can continue or deepen the healing process.

These cards are suitable for those who are on a spiritual path, fellow healers and spiritual seekers. You will be looking to raise your vibration, heal and develop on all levels.  They are not suitable for those with no knowledge of healing or the healing process. If this is you, I would be happy to work with you face to face where you will have support during your healing process.


To Order Your Card, or to enquire, please contact me via email:

***Please note: These cards are not suitable for anyone with a mental health history (This does not apply to depression) or who has a history of or uses recreational drugs.***