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Welcome to the Blue Butterfly Spirit Blog

You have reached the Blue Butterfly Spirit Blog, where you’ll find articles relating to all things Spiritual – Natural Healing, Angels, Guides, Native American Shamanism and Self Development.

Blue Butterfly Spirit Blog

Take a little time to reflect on your life.

The blog posts listed below are a selection of my writings done over the past few years. Hopefully you will find them useful if not interesting!   Please feel free to comment and share your own experiences too.

Most of the writings in the blog are taken from my own personal journey and shared with you to help you with yours.   I tend to write when I feel I have something to share or have a bee in my bonnet about something ! 🙂  I don’t see the point in writing something for the sake of it, so, whilst I don’t have too much time to write in the blog these days, I will try to add to it now and then.

Namaste & Blessings