Working with Guides and Angels

Working with Guides and Angels


Being blessed with having a conscious relationship with my Guides and Angels in my day to day life, led me to want to help others to create that relationship within their lives too. I cannot tell you how much love and compassion they feel for us, and if I were to try to describe it, words would not be enough. There have been times when I’ve been reading for people when I’ve been ‘shown’ the compassion that our Angels have for us, or the love that our Guides feel for us and have been moved to tears. While attempting to put into words what a clients Guardian Angel looks like, is never simple! Their energies often inspire words such as flowing, graceful, radiant, sparkly, silken … If nothing else, it tests my vocabulary! I often think I should paint them, though I don’t feel that what would come out through the brush, would do them justice.   

They, our Guides and Angels, are always with us when we move through our lives and are especially close when we are struggling with whatever issues we are dealing with. They move their energy close to us, to share themselves in whatever way they can. Their vibration lifts us, soothes us and strengthens us, at times when we sorely need it. They can lead us to where we need to be, who we need to meet and teach us and guide us in so many ways, we just need to open our awareness to become attuned to how they are working with us. Whilst at the other end of the scale, when we rejoice … they rejoice and celebrate with us! They will always do what they can to help us to live with Joy, as I have often been told, my life should be lived through Joy, and as far as it is possible, that is where I walk from. Of course, being human means that we often get ourselves into situations and relationships where that is tested! Though that’s a different story entirely and one for another time!

Yesterday, was a day where I ran one of my Conscious Contact with Guides and Angels Day Intensives, and taught others how to connect in a conscious way too. While the energies are beautiful, always, there were times when a tear or two was shed, at either the beauty of the connection or the full dawning realisation that we are never alone and that they ARE there, helping, listening, supporting and loving us, always. I really love when people make that connection for the first time, because I know how beautiful it is, but also how empowering it will be for them if they work with them.

I am currently trying to think of a way where I can bring what I do to a greater audience online. I’m sure that there’s more than a little prodding going on showing me how I could do it … as I keep tripping accidentally over methods and tools that would do the job! I have a feeling it will involve a video camera .. haha never a good thing to be looking at for me! Oh well .. they did say live in your Joy didn’t they … I guess maybe that’s one of the things I need to face up to … so that I can do more of living in my Joy :-).

Blessings always