Healing Art

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Healing Art by Kam

You can buy prints and some originals in my shop here: Blue Butterfly Spirit Art
You can find new pieces, experiments and work in progress here: https://www.facebook.com/KamBlueButterflySpiritArt/

As a healer and channel for nearly 30 years, I bring through both healing energy from spirit and also the energy from whatever I put onto the paper.  All are created in Sacred Space honouring those energies I bring through.  In shamanic terms I’m called a Spirit Painter, as I am a channel for the energies to flow through onto the paper or canvas.  My paintings have been used by people for healing, but also as a focus for meditation as well as to create or align them of a connection made with a spirit animal or other energy.  Prints contain the same energy as the original.

Please contact me if you would like to enquire about welcoming home your own painting or print.

Email:  info@bluebutterflyspirit.com




I have created a Free Recording and Guided Visualisation available below.

Free Recording and Guided Visualisation/Meditation

FREE Recording: How to begin meditation and how it can help with pain/management relief.

Meditation takes place in the Alpha State or even deeper!

This recording will be helpful to those that are interested in starting meditation either for health or for relaxation.  Here, I specifically talk about how meditation can help with managing pain, but the basic principles apply to everyone.  Guided visualisation is the perfect style of meditation for western minds to begin with as it takes the focus from your thoughts, onto the instructions that describe and form the journey, then your imagination can take care of the rest.

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FREE Guided Visualisation Meditation: Full Body Relaxation and deeply relaxing Journey to Paradise Island

Free Guided Visualisation with full body relaxation - Paradise Island.

Free Guided Visualisation with full body relaxation – Paradise Island.

This recording takes you through a full body relaxation followed by a journey to a dream island.  You’ll have time to enjoy the warm sunshine while you explore and relax.  Perfect for both beginners and practised meditators, this recording helps to heal the body, mind and spirit as well as to unwind after a stressful day!

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