Medicine Wheel Reading, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool

Medicine Wheel Reading, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool

These are unique, in-depth, channelled/painted, clairvoyant & clairaudient readings given by your Guides.  These can be done via Skype, Email, or in Person.

What will it do for me?

A Medicine Wheel Reading is both a reflection of who you are and the energies and events that are unfolding in your life, it can also reflect events that have brought you to this point.  It will continue to unfold for up to a year/18 months if you work with it.  You will receive your Medicine Wheel Painting to use, along with a recording.  This is a wonderful Spirit-gifted tool for your healing and self development if you wish to use it that way.

Your reading is a clear and in-depth response from your Spiritual Team –  your Guides & Angels.

Available in person, on Skype and via Email.
Book your reading  via email:  or phone: 07854 762 790


About the reading

The reading is initially given to Kam from your Guides, clairvoyantly & clairaudiently through pictures and symbols placed on the Native American Medicine Wheel, that create a Guidance Map.  The symbolic pictures are like seeds, that sprout, enabling you to gain deeper clarity once events begin to unfold around you.

Please see my video page for more information on how these came about and how they work.

Each drawing consists of layers of information reflecting paths of movement and events. As you move forward and connect with the various energies at play, so you are able to use your ‘Guidance Map’ to gain clarity as things unfold.

All readings are intuitively translated by Kam, first through the overall symbolism of each picture, then by looking into the symbols Kam is shown images of how they relate to you and your journey.

The information contained within each of these maps is essentially to bring clarity to your life and for your growth in these changing times.

Your Medicine Wheel Reading can also be used as a forerunner to working with Kam on your Journey, through having  Soul Path Therapy sessions.    The picture below is an old reading done for a client for illustration.  Wheels are now printed and then painted on.


Old Medicine Wheel Reading

A Medicine Wheel Reading is £60 (UK) £65 (USA/Canada) (to allow for bank processing fees) approximately 1 hour & painting time.

Payment is made on booking via PayPal or direct transfer.  This can be arranged on booking.  Thanks!

  • Please note I have had to introduce a late cancellation (within 24 hrs) /missed appointment policy of full payment for the session (Does not apply to emailed readings).