Self Development – Medicine Wheel

Dancing your Dreams

Self Development – Dancing your Dreams with the Medicine Wheel

How can you use the Native American Medicine Wheel to further your Self Development?  Please read on …

To Dance, as most people know it, is to express physical emotion through movement, an activity that most have experienced at some time in their lives. It brings happiness, a joy in movement, which helps us to truly feel our feet on this earth and feel the joy of being alive. Dancing your Dream, is not unlike that physical expression, except it takes place on all levels of your being. Through using the Medicine Wheel, you can see a visible representation of your own, personal dance or pathway.

To Dance your dream points to a time when your life becomes The Dance, an expression of your Truth, grounded on this physical plane through walking this life with integrity, clarity and grace; knowing that you are here, doing what you came here to do, and that brings both happiness and contentment.

When we begin to Dance the Medicine Wheel, we see our life as a series of cycles and pathways, we see how they interact and overlap, we begin to see how we weave our journey more clearly than we ever have before. It becomes a true physical representation of how our life cycles evolve, how we progress and how we create, explore, experience, then how we reap and sow the blessings that come from our journey.

Medicine Wheel Readings

In 2011, I was gifted with this tool from Spirit to use in my work with others, in the form of Medicine Wheel Readings. To my knowledge, this tool is unique and involves your Spiritual Team giving symbols and pictures which I’m told to place in strategic positions on the Medicine Wheel that in turn, affect their meaning. After all of the symbols have been given, I then intuitively interpret the information for you by looking at both the position and meaning of the symbol or image. I then look inside of the picture psychically, where I’m shown a brief video of how it relates to you personally.

Symbols are often multi-faceted in their meaning, therefore different elements of the energies portrayed within the symbol can come into play in new ways as the Wheel cycles through the seasons and the elements. Since I was given this way or working, I have given readings to Medicine Women and Men in the USA who are currently working with their readings which continue to unfold.

Part of my Dance, is to help you to Dance too! By bringing clarity through the Medicine Wheel Reading, I can help you to see more clearly the paths you are walking presently, but also energies that are present in your life now and unfolding. Through this, you can gain deeper insight but also have the opportunity to follow up your reading by working with me to discover how to work with those energies in a positive and empowering way.

After working with your wheel for a year or so, we can also do a review of it, to enable you to see where the aspects of the symbolism shown by Spirit unfolded in ways that weren’t apparent at the time of your reading.

What can I do after my reading?

A very powerful way of working with your completed Medicine Wheel is to follow up your reading with Soul Path Therapy sessions. During these sessions, we can work together to deepen your understanding of the symbols for you personally. Using tools and techniques I’ve gathered over my 20 + years of healing and development work I can help you to focus on your life in relation to what you’ve been shown by your Spiritual Team, to discover new ways of walking in harmony and balance. I will gently support your path through change, while you discover ways to both improve your experience of life and bring balance where it is needed.

Energy work is part of this experience and I work closely with Spirit and the Angelic realm to both clear energetic blocks, repair or balance your auric field and ultimately raise your vibration bringing you into the highest balance that is possible for you at this time, enabling you to walk forward in harmony.

Many Blessings to you, may you walk in Beauty,