Self Development – Spirit River

Spirit River

Spirit River

Verse for your Self Development

by Kam Tunningley aka Peaceful River


There are times in life

when the outward breath of the River, flows with such intensity and ferocity,

we surrender ourselves gladly, into Spirit’s embrace

           and Know

                    we will be lifted,


                                                           as a babe, swaddled in the softest robe;

                                                                   nurtured and Loved,

until such time as the flow reaches 

                   the point of balance 

                    between the in and the out breath 

          when, imperceptibly, gently,

                   we’re placed back from stillness into calm,


                   and having been Loved and Graced in ways we may not                                                      comprehend,

                             we reach an Understanding. 

          As we gaze into the crystal clear depths of who we are,

                          into the River’s Love and Beauty

                                         we know Truth

          We are the Flow,

                    We are the River,

                                We are the Love,

                                       We are unending and unyielding


                                                                       Copyright  Kam Tunningley (Peaceful River ~ Facebook) 2011
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