Soul Journey

The Soul’s Journey   In the place of no time, The Soul was happy and content within her father’s Kingdom, surrounded by the love of friends and family.  Often, she sat high above, observing the landscape below, it intrigued and spoke to her.  Drawn by the beauty she saw in the Earth, intrigue turned to … [Read more…]

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blue Butterfly Spirit Blog You have reached the Blue Butterfly Spirit Blog, where you’ll find articles relating to all things Spiritual – Natural Healing, Angels, Guides, Native American Shamanism and Self Development. The blog posts listed below are a selection of my writings done over the past few years. Hopefully you will … [Read more…]

Self Development – Medicine Wheel

Self Development – Dancing your Dreams with the Medicine Wheel How can you use the Native American Medicine Wheel to further your Self Development?  Please read on … To Dance, as most people know it, is to express physical emotion through movement, an activity that most have experienced at some time in their lives. It … [Read more…]

Self Development – Spirit River

Spirit River Verse for your Self Development by Kam Tunningley aka Peaceful River   There are times in life when the outward breath of the River, flows with such intensity and ferocity, we surrender ourselves gladly, into Spirit’s embrace            and Know                     we will be lifted,                              held,                                                            as a … [Read more…]

Self Development – Quiet Moments

Self Development in Quiet Moments Originally published June 2011 Copyright Kam Tunningley When we are focused on our Self Development, the quiet moments are always the best, those moments when all you can hear is the sound of your own breath, gentle birdsong and the gentle hum of insects.  If the sun is shining, the … [Read more…]

Self Development – New Beginnings

Self Development – New Beginnings     First written on 23/06/2011, I now find myself once again enjoying a new beginning! 🙂 There are always times in our lives of transition, those strange places between endings and new beginnings, the places where we feel lost and alone, places where we wonder how we actually got … [Read more…]