All of the services I provide are to help you to feel better within yourself, your life and your relationships which will help you to move forward and feel positive about your life.  Full details of services are on separate pages, please see links below.  Please note, female clients only are welcome at my therapy space and male clients are welcome via Skype, email and phone.

Therapy and Readings take place at my new Therapy Space in Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan, WN4 8XQ,  I also work via Skype and phone sessions.

Call me on 07854 762790 to arrange your free 15 minute consultation, to see how best I might be able to help you, or email me at



Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars is an holistic energy healing technique which is deeply relaxing.  It is an effortless way to release blocks that are holding you back through gentle touch to 32 points on the head.  Blocks can take the form of emotions, beliefs, ideas, which when released, can free you to a new level of happiness, clarity and freedom.

Access bars has been described as a little like defragging your computer!  Clearing out the old and reorganising what remains  Bars are the doorways to new possibilities, I just love having my own bars run, as I never know what new, exciting opportunities or inspirations will be possible now!  Call Kam on 07854 762790 or email

Find out more about Access Consciousness Bars here.

Ascension Healing Card

The Ascension Healing Card is a channelled healing tool gifted by Spirit in October 2018.   I was shown in a dream that I’d be working in a new healing capacity, through the use of healing cards.  This tool works initially to clear old negative energies, often things that have been difficult to shift and brings in new high frequency energies that are appropriate for you at this moment in time.  These energies raise your vibration, to move you into a new way of being.

Find out more about Ascension Healing Cards Here:


 Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing can have a profound effect on you, your life and your relationships.  It affects all levels of mind, body, spirit and emotions to bring you into the best balance that you can be.  When we are unbalanced we get sick/stressed/tired etc. etc. but when you are perfectly balanced, you are perfectly healthy too.

Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing can help you feel lighter, brighter and clearer after the first session, while following sessions deepen the effect and help you to create real change and get your sparkle back!  Contact me to see how I can help you. Kam 07854 762790 or email

Find out  more about Energy work or Chakra Balancing HERE 

Soul Path Therapy

The Holistic Healing Sessions that can change you on a profound level and  help you to shine.  Move toward living your life as you’d like it to be, empowered and enlivened.  Develop and deepen your spiritual side, feel balanced, grounded and clear those blocks that are holding you back from loving your life and finding your purpose.

Contact Kam for more information or to book your 1st session on .

Working with Kam has helped me to realise life is not meaningless. I feel more balanced and have moved forward in life.  Kam gave me the confidence to leave my old mundane job and set up my own business.  I now have a positive outlook. 

D.H. West Yorkshire

Kam, I now have the levels of mental peace, energy within my body and hope within my spirit to believe I am capable of anything I wish to achieve in this life.

H.A. West Yorkshire

 Spiritual Guidance Readings from your Guides and Angels

What would your Guides and Angels like you to know?  Kam receives information from your spiritual Guides and Angels both clairvoyantly and clairaudiently.

I go back to it all the time as I can see where things are unfolding and it really gives guidance and support. I cannot thank Kam enough and highly recommend her and her work to anyone who seeks a genuine, thoughtful and powerful reading.

V.C. West Yorkshire (Medicine Wheel Reading)

Very insightful, felt the reading made perfect sense and feel much more confident now.

Client at Ilkley Complementary Festival, West Yorkshire (Guides & Angels Reading)

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