Here are a few Testimonials from some Happy Clients!

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Below are some comments from clients who have received Healing, Soul Path Therapy and Chakra Balancing, Readings and Workshops.  Please scroll down for reading testimonials, Thanks!


Full Chakra Balance & Healing


“I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back! I’ve tried medication and traditional therapies for my anxiety but you’ve really helped me get my mind and body sorted and I can now do the things I used to love doing and I can enjoy them again. Thank you xx”

Carly, Wigan

“Working with Kam these last few weeks has been a revelation.  It was a shock to realise I’d been sitting on this stuff and denying it was there.  At first I was sceptical about distance healing, but it works well in my own space!  I started to feel better after each successive treatment.  She also gave me other follow on tips, which were very useful together with daily routines that have also helped.

A few years ago Kam helped me work on a neck lump, and amazingly it disappeared!  So, I have high hopes of shifting some health problems this time around.

She is so intuitive and gentle, a pleasure to work with, and I trust her implicitly.  I have no idea how it works, but it’s a vital tool on my healing journey.  Of course I do my bit too!

Chris xxxxxxxxxxxx”

Christine, Yorkshire

Hi Kam,

It’s Karen Mxxxxx here. I had to tell you, this is the first morning in 30 years I have not felt deep heart-ache in my heart! I don’t know what you did, but it is nothing short of a miracle! I thought I would have to live with that emotional pain forever-which I could hardly bear.I will be forever grateful.May God and the Archangels bless you dearly, and I mean that from my new shining heart.Thank you so much.
 Karen, Glasgow


I was experiencing some very difficult emotional hardships. I have never felt such pain and was having difficulty finding my way out. During my healing session with Kam I felt myself move into a place of peace and became very calm. After the session I was very relaxed and was able to focus my thoughts more clearly. Both the physical pain I was experiencing because of this and the emotional pain had completely vanished. The reason for the pain was still present but It no longer overwhelmed me. I was able to go on and resolve the issue without the emotional trauma I had experienced prior to the beautiful healing spirit of Kam. I would not hesitate to recommend Kam and cannot speak highly enough of her wonderful gift. xx

Mandy, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland

I don’t know what she does, but it works!

Zoe, West Yorkshire

I’ve been working with Kam for about 3 months now. She is an incredibly patient and gifted lady who has totally changed my life and put me back on my feet, given me a zest for life again so I can enjoy it. After several personal break downs I found my self totally down and depressed, with lots of health issues which my GP had no idea how to cure. After so many visits in hospitals and medical test doctors found nothing wrong with me, but I was barely coping. Then I found Kam. After just two weeks I felt a different person. I had more energy, could think more positively, could eat and enjoy food again, went out to see friends and enjoy my life. At work my clients saw a massive difference almost immediately. I’m now enjoying Kam’s workshops and discovering more about Spirituality.

I laugh again!
Kamila, Otley, West Yorkshire,  UK

To all who are thinking of getting a Healing from Kam, do not hesitate.  I have been in pain from a few health issues for almost 30 years. From my first session with Kam I have experienced a lessening of pain, I mean from the first session I went from a level 20, yes 20 well over most scales of pain levels to a level 5 or 6. For me that was a Godsend. I have had more sessions with Kam and have learned so many meditation methods and she had cleared so many of my clogged chakras. And my energy levels have zoomed to higher points with each session. Along with my Healing, Kam has opened me to a higher spirituality with each session. So please, please do not hesitate in having Ms. Kam doing a Spiritual, Energy and Health Healing for you.. IT WORKS. There are no other words I can say as I am not a person who can express them well but THANK YOU KAM.. you are a Blessing.

Ruth Stilphen, Illinois, USA

… I am happy to say that post healing, Ruth went down to a pain score of ‘2’ Kam

I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful healing with my 2 horses. May is doing awesome and totally healed. She is back to barrell racing and loving every minute of it. She is even winning a few. Hot Rod still has a way to go but is getting better every day with your help Kam. I see such a difference in him since you first started working with him. He is more playful and in much less pain now. The light in his eyes is getting stronger and brighter.You are a wonderful, true healer and I am very grateful you were brought into our lives Kam. With much gratitude,

Hot Rod – Thoughts Become Things – Texas

Katherine, Texas, USA







I visited Kam for a one off session for stress.  I had never had a healing session before, but what I felt was an incredible sense of tranquility and surrounding energy especially in the hands and feet. I took that peace away with me and it’s great to know that it’s there for me to return to.

Tim, Manchester, UK

Soul Path Therapy


It’s been a life changing experience working with this wonderful lady.  I didn’t think it possible to gain so much clarity, insight and wisdom in such a short space of time.  My life is happier and more fulfilled plus all my family and friends benefit from that as well.

Tracy, West Yorkshire

 Kam has given me the clarity and vision that I had lost to help me move forward in my life.

Zoe, West Yorkshire

Kam, I now have the levels of mental peace, energy within my body and hope within my spirit to believe I am capable of anything I wish to achieve in this life.

 Helen, West Yorkshire

Working with Kam has helped me to realise life is not meaningless. I feel more balanced and have moved forward in life.  Kam gave me the confidence to leave my old mundane job and set up my own business.  I now have a positive outlook.

Dave, West Yorkshire

I have been having weekly sessions with Kam since later part of March 2014. Our path’s had crossed a few months previously and I kept being drawn back to her, not sure why at the time! I have always been a believer in the Spirit World but it was only late 2013 I started exploring my Spiritual Side and mixing with like minded others. Let’s just say at the beginning of March 2014 I found myself in a very tricky position Spiritually, being bombarded with lots of information! Not sure where to turn I approached Kam and booked a session with her. Since that first session I haven’t looked back, always looking forward to our weekly session! The great thing about working with Kam is she doesn’t give you the answers, but guides and makes you work to find your Own Answers/Truth, the best way to explain this is she acts more of a sounding board! Kam has also done a Guided Reading for me and WOW blew my mind, which in turn I recommended her to a couple of friends which also had readings done, they too were just blown away! Kam also does regular Chakra Balance & Healing for me and yet again words can not explain how powerful and good her energy is. I live 300+ miles away from Kam and when she does the energy work I can physically feel her energy moving around inside me, just as if she was in the room doing it. Kam is a truly gifted and wonderful Lady with a exceptional gift and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. I would say its one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself!  

Paul- Cornwall

l have been so inspired by my spiritual journey, l am so thankful for your support Kam you have given me on my healing sessions,after 38yrs of illness,my outlook is positive.l am now open to my spiritual journey…the learning discussions l have with you are so special, Kam you are giving me the tools and training to complete my soul journey. (however long it takes) I know you are there to guide me. Blessings to you Kam. thank you so much xxxxxxx

Nan. West Yorkshire, UK



From Yvonne, Cheshire 2015

I came to see you a couple of weeks ago and found it quite amazing that you were able to put me in touch with my spirit guides.  It has helped make things a bit clearer and, if possible, I really want to do a healing course with you.
It’s strange how I feel differently about life, with a greater sense of purpose and happiness and am cleansing each day, as you showed me. I feel lighter, there is no doubt but much work still to do.
Thank you so much for helping me bridge a gap in my life and find my path. I look forward to seeing you soon,
Kind regards,

From Frederique, Sussex 2015

Kam is an incredibly gifted lady.The messages from my guides have always been very insightful and they always made perfect sense. The readings not only gave me vital information and confirmations but also support and guidance in order to discover my spiritual purpose.Thank you so much Kam for your help. It’s been such a pleasure having you as part of my spiritual journey. You are a gem! xx

From Pam, Sussex 2015

Thank you sooo much lovely Kam!!! So enjoyed my reading! Most of it resonated and the rest is what is to unfold EXCITED xxxxxx

From Khawar, West Yorkshire 2014

Hi Kam, I hope you’re well, just to let you know I found the perfect job. I work from home, pay is great.  It all worked out just like they said it would!! I’m ready for that special man to walk into my life now 😉  Thank you for everything. xx

From Karen D, Silsden, West Yorkshire  2014

One word that sums up the Guide & Angel reading I recently had with Kam is amazing! As soon as I walked into the beautiful, calm space where the reading took place I felt peaceful and relaxed. The reading itself was extremely meaningful, powerful and awe inspiring to me and the energies working with Kam during the reading were tangible. The reading gave me the confidence to know that a major decision I was about to make at a crossroads in my life was the right one.

In my opinion Kam is a truly gifted earth angel!

From Becky G  New Hampshire, USA 2013

Thank you for my beautiful Medicine wheel Reading, It completely made sense with me and gave me a lot of clarity. The reading gave more insight into connections I have felt my entire life. I was deeply touched as tears filled my eyes, by the message that was given at the center of my wheel, that alone means more to me then words could ever express. Thank you.

Love and Blessings Becky G

From Vivien in Leeds, UK 2012

Kam is a wonderfully gifted, gentle spiritual artist and healer. She is incredibly professional and subtle with her ability and gift that is so powerful. I resonate with art and the painting is the most beautiful piece of work, it is visually healing and I never expected to resonate so easily and well with the art.

Wonderfully, I could resonate so well with a lot of what was documented and best of all how it was unfolding and is unfolding in my path. It serves as a spiritual tool and helper along the journey.

I had never met Kam and had no correspondence and the resonance is incredible, I think this confirms her fantastic ability and connection to spirit. I go back to it all the time as I can see where things are unfolding and it really gives guidance and support. I cannot thank Kam enough and highly recommend her and her work to anyone who seeks a genuine, thoughtful and powerful reading.


From Cinnamon Moon, Author of A Medicine Woman Speaks, USA 2011
To whom it may concern:

If you are debating about getting a reading from Kam, debate no more. Her gifts are unique, authentic and enlightening. Her messages bring to light information that is immediately applicable and valuable when followed.The sketches are such a special addition as they reveal even more over time when you sit with them working through the symbology.I have found her gifts to be uncannily accurate, personally rewarding and quite validating with the insight she’s shared with me. Combined with the sketches there is a depth to what she brings through that is certainly validating. I loved the exploration of what she shared and how things have fallen into place accordingly. She was able to clarify some twists and turns I was struggling with and her perspectives added the insight I needed. They helped me navigate through my issues and the new information mingled with what I knew, another validating factor that she was picking up on me personally and my situation.I highly recommend Kam’s work, she’s a warm, gifted, compassionate and gracious lady. It’s clear that the spirit world comes through in her exceptional gifts.

Cinnamon Moon, Medicine Woman and Spiritual Life Coach, Co-Founder of Spirit Lodge.info

From Geysha Pathinathan, Canada 2011

Kam Tunningley is an incredibly gifted Spiritual Artist and a pure channel of Source energy.  I had the privilege of receiving a message – in the form of a Spirit painting created by Kam in collaboration with my Spiritual guides/team – which was a stunningly accurate portrayal of my present path and journey. When I studied the painting and read the written portion/description – my entire spirit vibrated, as the images as well as the words deeply resonated within me. (It is important that I mention, that prior to receiving Kam’s Spirit painting I had only briefly corresponded with Kam, online and her painting was a spontaneous creation, as well as message delivery – which speaks to the authenticity of her gift).Kam’s painting was multi-layered in its purpose; her co-created message from Spirit was visually healing, comforting and uplifting while energetically serving as a reminder to continue to walk in faith and trust. There was also a deeper personal message of affirmation embedded within her art, which was an unexpected gift from Spirit and which filled me with much hope, inner peace and joy. It is my absolute honour to recommend Kam’s Spirit art to you. She is indeed a clear, vibrant and open channel to the realm of Spirit. I can attest to the power of her healing gifts, the depth of her integrity and her impeccable professionalism.

In Loving Gratitude for Kam ~Geysha Pathinathan, OCT, BEd, BA
Educator & Humanitarian, Toronto, Canada

Comments from my testimonial book for Guide and Angel Readings as well as Medicine Wheel Readings


“Really informative and learned lots of interesting things, very, very good.”

“Lovely, great confirmation and learning experience.”

“A really lovely experience and lovely to hear wise words from Guides.”

“I’ve got really strong Spirit Guides. Excellent reading.”

“Excellent.  Quite informative. Absolutely spot on.”

“Wonderful!! Lovely to have confirmation in such a warm and friendly environment. Thankyou!! Kate.x”

“Lovely lady. Very good information. Gave me what I needed to hear.”

“Thankyou so much for helping me at this time. It is all so very interesting. ”

“Thankyou very much.  The Guides that you told me about are very fitting for my life at the moment and made a lot of sense.”

“Fascinating, thank you.  Hopefully see you again. x”

“Thank you Kam for a very insightful reading.  The Medicine Wheel has helped me to find my direction.  Really enjoyed the session with you. Kiran x”

“Wonderful insight into what I know I should be doing – yet another kick up the backside I presume!  Sue D”

“Lovely lady, confirmed a lot of things.”

“Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring insight. I’m sure it will be very helpful to me. Richard C.”

“Very insightful, felt the reading made perfect sense and feel much more confident now.”


Workshops – Conscious Contact with Guides and Angels


Most enlightening and such clear instruction and explanation.  I feel much more aware of spirit now.

JS  North Yorkshire


A very productive day. It really helped me to sense my Guide and improved my connection and confidence.  Thankyou.

HW West Yorkshire


This day has given me greater insight and more understanding of the spirit world.

LR  West Yorkshire


Can’t wait for another course!  I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!  A very intensive, powerful and interesting day.

KM  West Yorkshire

A thoroughly enjoyable course, relaxed and informative.

JZ  North Yorkshire



DJ  North Yorkshire


A very good experience, I was able to understand Spirit levels new to me.

TQ  West Yorkshire

This was such a powerful experience. It was a wonderful way to explore my connections and guides. Working with other people who wanted to ask questions was brilliant!Kam allowed the group to work at a pace that encouraged us to understand how to make contact with our guides, learning from and with each other in a really safe way.  I felt able to ask questions and get a better understanding.Although it was an intense course, the time flew and the day was well structured to allow for time to reflect as well as time to learn. If you want to know how to connect with spirit and have been unsure about how to do it, then I would recommend this day! 

CJ West Yorkshire

I found the workshop extremely enjoyable and informative . Kam is an exceptional person who makes the day both fun and educational enabling you to explore ideas and develop in ways you would not believe was possible.

BD West Yorkshire

I have experienced different forms of energy work in the past couple of years, and your Conscious Contact with Guides Course enabled me to access my hidden connection with Spirit and become aware of my growth over that period of time.  I now have a felt experience as well as an intellectual understanding!

Your course was very accessible and was paced to suit all the group members,  It was also fun.

Thank you for helping me take the next step of my spiritual journey.

SM North Yorkshire