Totem Symbolism – Horse

Totem Symbolism of Horse

White Beauty – Walking in Power 

When the White Horse first appeared to me, I was surprised, he’d always been a beautiful deep brown, Walking in Powerhis coat satin smooth and warm to the touch.   I’d ridden him many times through beautiful wildflower meadows, across blustery hills and through dense mists where I had to rest and be aware that he knew the way, he stepped sure footedly across the rocky terrain and brought us through to sunnier times, smoother pathways … these were times I walked in my Power and knew that I was in control.

 When my beautiful companion turned White .. it came at a time where I was going through a period of what can only be called ‘trials’ … those things we face on rare occasions that bring a whole new level of fears to the surface to be healed .. when you shift your consciousness and deepen your connection with Self and Spirit …and the only way you can heal is to reclaim your power on a higher and deeper level … and move forward that way. The change marked the time where I had to bring together not only the depth of my own inner power, but also now to bring that together with my Spiritual Power in a very marked way.

 My confirmation that this was so, came when one of my Spiritual Guides led me towards my Beauty.   My Beauty, in this case, is not the name for my Horse, but rather describes a way of being, when you walk gently in your Power.  My Beauty had turned White … he waited patiently while I effortlessly jumped onto his back and we once again rode through the misty landscape.

 The acknowledgment of this shift both physically and Spiritually, led to much soul searching on my part, to arrive physically, at what I did and didn’t want to experience at this juncture.  I placed this into Great Spirits’ care and sat back, having taken control in the most Powerful way I could, and watched events begin to unfold.

 Within 2 days of my making my desires known and setting within my circle what I would accept, what was in place was removed from my physical reality … and I now await its replacement and the new outcome, which as I see it,  will be a far more loving experience now that I have set my boundaries with consciousness.

 Along side of this issue, another cycle of experience and desired manifestation was coming to fruition.  Something that I’ve waited for, and received so much Guidance on, both through the Dream Space and with Spirit physically, for what seems a very long time now, has finally come within my circle.  It’s so close I can touch it and have, fleetingly, but is also in some ways, so far away as to be frustrating on a deep level. 

 Once again, Spirit have sat with me, to calm and reassure, healing received on all levels to confirm through words and physical pictures that yet again, this is the next stage of manifestation, the manifestation that is physical.  The planted seed has sprouted, grown and has buds, so much potential … all it needs now is to unfold and flower gently at it’s own pace. 

 And so it is … I am working with my Power in a whole new way .. now my Beauty has turned White.


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