Totem Symbolism – Moth


Totem Symbolism – Moth

” Moths to a Flame”

Life is an unknown quantity. No matter how much we wish we could see the future, will my son or daughter pass their exams, will I get the new job, will the risk be worth it … at best we can have glimpses of the bigger picture. We are all to some extent, flying in the dark, but flying nevertheless. Therefore, we are all courageous, every one of us, every living thing on this earth, together.  The totem symbolism of Moth, reminds us that we are all flying in the dark but move naturally toward the light.

As pioneers of our own lives, every new day has potential and promise and each time we feel like we’re flying blind in the dark, we can be sure it will be followed by a dawning of new light and therefore clarity. Moving through these periods constantly, with different threads of our lives at different stages of evolution, we become aware of how complex life is, and yet, if we can accept that there is a natural folding and unfolding within and around each of us and the threads that we weave;  so can we too accept that all we need to do is literally accept and allow our lives to flow?  Can we accept the process?  It is what it is .. no more and no less. 

Moth, the night butterfly, brings us faith in times of darkness, he shows us how to spread our wings and fly through the dark, always aiming toward the light.  By flying toward the light, we move closer to dancing with our Joy.  Like Butterfly, Moth is symbolic of transformation and emergence through their metamorphic nature.  Allow yourself to move forward, to grow and evolve, through all the natural stages that takes, from the beginnings at the egg stage, through caterpillar and cocoon, to finally spreading your wings to dry before take off.