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Online Advanced Healing Therapist 

Blue Butterfly Spirit Offers Online Advanced Healing Therapies, Matrix Unplug, Ascension Healing, Soul Embodiment, Spiritual Mentor, Divine Guidance Readings, and Healing Retreats.

Welcome to Blue Butterfly Spirit- Holistic Therapy,Healing and Spiritual Mentor

Blue Butterfly Spirit Offers Online Advanced Healing Therapies, Matrix Unplug, Ascension Healing, Soul Embodiment, Spiritual Mentor, Divine Guidance Readings, and Healing Retreats.

"The butterfly is symbolic of metamorphosis and transformation, with the blue butterfly specifically relating to healing.
It represents new life, letting go of what no longer serves you and finding your true self within.
Butterfly gently encourages you to unfurl your wings, rise up and fly.
Release your limitations and expand your world.  Be and express who you truly are.
We are in a time of transition worldwide, let yourself transition to a higher place with a brighter outlook.
Allow your wings to spread and lift you upwards and onwards to your goals and dreams."


Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Faith, London

I started work with Kam at a time when I felt  broken down after a series of major life events. 

I was cautious and sceptical when we met up  online, and I went through a planned  interrogation to see if I felt comfortable and heard by her, as well as confident in her expertise. By the end of this meeting I knew I had found a 

place where my wounds would be seen, not judged and helped to heal. 


While I think I expected her to give me the 

answers I thought I was looking for, either 

from her own knowledge and intuition or her 

tapping into the spirit world (like a telephone exchange…), she instead guided me in how to find the answers and my way, 

for myself, and about myself , which has been, and still is, invaluable. 


In her gentleness, friendliness and quiet 

confidence Kam radiates a positive authority. 

She is neither pushy nor prescriptive in her approach. In fact she is much like the 

Blue Butterfly of her business logo, once invited in she 

lands gently on your shoulder 

accompanying you on this part of your 



I wholeheartedly recommend her and her 

good work. 


Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Carly, Wigan

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back! I’ve tried medication and traditional therapies for my anxiety but you’ve really helped me get my mind and body sorted and I can now do the things I used to love doing and I can enjoy them again. Thank you xx

Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Cinnamon Moon, USA

To whom it may concern:

If you are debating about getting a reading from Kam, debate no more. Her gifts are unique, authentic and enlightening. Her messages bring to light information that is immediately applicable and valuable when followed.

The sketches in her Medicine Wheel Readings are such a special addition as they reveal even more over time when you sit with them working through the symbology.


I have found her gifts to be uncannily accurate, personally rewarding and quite validating with the insight she’s shared with me. There is a depth to what she brings through that is certainly validating.

I loved the exploration of what she shared and how things have fallen into place accordingly. She was able to clarify some twists and turns I was struggling with and her perspectives added the insight I needed. They helped me navigate through my issues and the new information mingled with what I knew, another validating factor that she was picking up on me personally and my situation.I highly recommend Kam's work, she’s a warm, gifted, compassionate and gracious lady. It’s clear that the spirit world comes through in her exceptional gifts.

Cinnamon Moon, Medicine Woman and Spiritual Life Coach, Co-Founder of Spirit

Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Karen, Glasgow

I had to tell you, this is the first morning in 30 years I have not felt deep heart-ache in my heart! I don't know what you did, but it is nothing short of a miracle! I thought I would have to live with that emotional pain forever-which I could hardly bear.I will be forever grateful.May God and the Archangels bless you dearly, and I mean that from my new shining heart.Thank you so much.

Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Kamilla, West Yorkshire

Kam is an incredibly patient and gifted lady who has totally changed my life and put me back on my feet, given me a zest for life again so I can enjoy it. After several personal break downs I found my self totally down and depressed, with lots of health issues which my GP had no idea how to cure. After so many visits in hospitals and medical test doctors found nothing wrong with me, but I was barely coping. Then I found Kam. After just two weeks I felt a different person. I had more energy, could think more positively, could eat and enjoy food again, went out to see friends and enjoy my life. At work my clients saw a massive difference almost immediately. I’m now enjoying Kam’s workshops and discovering more about Spirituality.

Online Advanced Healing Therapist

Katherine, Texas

I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful healing with my 2 horses. May is doing awesome and totally healed. She is back to barrell racing and loving every minute of it. She is even winning a few. Hot Rod still has a way to go but is getting better every day with your help Kam. I see such a difference in him since you first started working with him. He is more playful and in much less pain now. The light in his eyes is getting stronger and brighter.You are a wonderful, true healer and I am very grateful you were brought into our lives Kam. With much gratitude, Katherine

Kam Bowers BScHons MCoH

 As an experienced spiritual healer, holistic therapist and spiritual mentor with over 30 years of experience, I'm happy to walk a while with you on your journey. 
It's no accident that you are here ...
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Online Advanced Healing Therapist
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