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Welcome to Blue Butterfly Spirit. 

Hello, my name is Kam and I'm an experienced Spiritual Healer, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Mentor, with over 30 years experience, working with clients throughout the UK and Internationally. I provide my clients with the energy, resources and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside.

Most of my clients are Healers, Light Workers, Coaches and Spiritual Adepts.  I offer pure, high frequency energy and work with teams of high vibrational light beings, Archangels and a Spiritual Healing Team offering advanced healing, that assists towards the Ascension and the illumination of the Earth and Humanity. This includes the Matrix Unplug service, the removal of unnatural devices, implants and overlays. 

Originally trained by The Healer’s Trust and later by The College of Healing, in later years, the Healing Team I work with have trained me in the more advanced energy work that I do with my clients today.

All of my beautiful clients are supported in a high frequency, sacred space, where we use a variety of techniques to help you move forward and lead happier, healthier and a more uplifted life.​


Many of my clients are working to raise their energetic frequency to help both themselves and to help their clients, fine tune their spiritual path and create a life that serves their higher purpose. 

Feel free to email me on to find out if I may be able to help you.

Kam Bowers MScHons MCoH IPHM

Online Advanced Healing Therapist
Online Advanced Healing Therapist
Online Advanced Healing Therapist
Online Advanced Healing Therapist
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