Totem Symbolism – Geese

When the Geese Speak Totem Symbolism of Geese Originally posted in October 2011 Since the last post, where Blackbird spoke of the Gateway, the Gateway has indeed been passed through and a host of other Spiritual Guides have stepped forward in the guise of Bird, Animal or Insects …  However, when the Geese speak, it … [Read more…]

Totem Symbolism – Blackbird

The Blackbird and the Inner Journey The Totem Symbolism of Blackbird I discovered, (when this was first published in July 2011), is at the heart of our Inner Journey. At the back of my secret garden is a very large, overgrown privet hedge which at this time of year is heavy with blossom and fills … [Read more…]

Self Development – Quiet Moments

Self Development in Quiet Moments Originally published June 2011 Copyright Kam Tunningley When we are focused on our Self Development, the quiet moments are always the best, those moments when all you can hear is the sound of your own breath, gentle birdsong and the gentle hum of insects.  If the sun is shining, the … [Read more…]

Self Development – New Beginnings

Self Development – New Beginnings     First written on 23/06/2011, I now find myself once again enjoying a new beginning! 🙂 There are always times in our lives of transition, those strange places between endings and new beginnings, the places where we feel lost and alone, places where we wonder how we actually got … [Read more…]