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Dance of the Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly Story

The Blue Butterfly story is what lies behind Blue Butterfly Spirit and the naming of this site. It follows the creation of my Dance of the Blue Butterfly painting and subsequent Blue Butterfly vision given to me in the summer of 2011.

Early in the summer of 2010 I woke with the image of a painting fixed firmly in my mind. It came completely out of the blue, at a time when all was well in the world and I just knew that I had to paint that picture. As months went by, I thought no more about the painting, although the image stayed with me and nagged at the back of my mind. I just thought I'd get around to it at some point!

In August 2010, I had a frightening health scare and by September from a separate issue, also found myself unable to walk more than a few yards. I then ended what had been a difficult relationship too, so things were pretty difficult all round. I struggled on for a while, before I underwent a massive Spiritual healing and emergence process which has essentially changed my life.

By Christmas in 2010, I'd begun to gather myself together and also began putting the original vision for the painting I’d seen in the summer, down on paper. As I worked on it, I became aware through Shamanic teachings, that in fact, I was working with Blue Butterfly Medicine, and was being gently healed and changed. The Blue Butterfly painting or Butterfly Medicine, was healing me as I was painting it. The energy brought through from Spirit into the work enabled me to transform and to this day the energy the painting carries within it uplifts and inspires people. (Prints are available via my etsy shop, though the original is not for sale.) Dance of the Blue Butterfly Prints

The Blue Butterfly Spiritual Vision

In the summer of 2011, I the painting was complete, and I also, was feeling like a new person. This was when I was gifted with a beautiful vision, part of which I will share with you here. I found myself in a beautiful golden space and was surrounded and enveloped by hundreds of Blue Morpho Butterflies who as one, lifted me bodily and placed me on the pinnacle of a golden mountain, where I myself turned a beautiful irridescent blue. Once I was balanced on this point, the butterflies flew away, leaving me standing, where the only way forward was to take a leap of faith and fly.

I stood for a few minutes before taking the leap and then found myself 'flying' to locations all around the globe. I had no control of where this was, but I was with people in cities and others in Inuit fishing villages. I was then able to walk unseen, amongst the people and touch certain ones lightly on the back of their shoulder. From my higher observation point ( I was able to 'see' in multi-directions during the vision) I could see that where I touched a person, it would leave an blue irridescent hand-print on their clothing ... and as they walked forward .. a blue morpho butterfly would be fluttering along behind them.

In updating this description now in Summer 2021, I can say that I have seen the vision unfolding and many people have been touched by the beautiful, Blue Butterfly Medicine through my work.

To understand the Dance of the Blue Butterfly better, and the 'magic' it brings, there follows a link to a beautiful video, telling the Costa Rican Legend of the Blue Butterfly which I found shortly after becoming aware I was working with this energy. That was the beginning, I continue to work with Blue Butterfly Medicine to this day, both for myself and with others in my work, through therapy, readings and art.

The Blue Butterfly Legend-Video

I emerged from my Blue Butterfly spiritual cocoon in July 2011 and haven't looked back. Today, I find myself with a new life, not much remains of the 'old me' or the 'old way of being' and, with the help of the Blue Butterfly, I am Dancing My Dream and helping others to dance theirs too.

May the Blue Butterfly dance into your life and bless you with it's healing 'magic'.

with love and blessings


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