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Heron's Message

Heron flew into my world today. Gangly, aloof and curious, it stood almost majestically atop the roof. Almost like a regal crane with its feathered crown, but somehow, more comical.

In many ways, the Heron is representative of our own majesty – following our own true, inner spirit, our Soul. Our truth and power reflecting our own sovereignty that is our birthright.

As an obvious creature of Air, Water and Earth, the hidden element of Fire derives from its own Spirit. The inner fire, that which drives it forward day to day, to do what it needs to do, intuitively, for its survival, as long as it wishes to be part of this world.

This begs the question.. What is it that we need to do for our own successful passage through this world? As a foundation, of course, we need to create and sustain and elementary balance, mentally – Air, emotionally – Water, grounded physicality – Earth, and spiritually – Fire.

When we are disconnected spiritually, we are set adrift. Small ripples in the ocean of life can build up and become increasingly treacherous. Our ‘fire’, our Spirit and Soul is our sustenance in difficult times. When our connection to our fire is dampened or extinguished by events, it is hard to be here, harder to Be.

Returning to Heron.. observing with a reflective eye, the power and grace of its flight, the ease of its balance. As tall skinny legs give way to a its full body, long neck and large, sharp, pointed beak, its expansive wingspan effortlessly gives rise into the air. And so it is with us ... we can see represented within us all of these elements.

How easy it is to teeter and lose our balance on our symbolic ‘tall skinny legs’. How sharp and hurtful that ‘beak’ can be when our words come from an imbalanced perspective. What effort it takes to unfold our ‘wings’ and fly when our fire has been dampened and turned to embers or ashes…

Heron is often seen on the banks of rivers, one foot in the waters of creation, Spirit. The other placed firmly on the earth - the mundane, physicality of life. For ourselves, this reflects our walk through life. One foot in the earth realm and the other in spirit. In keeping this balance, we’re able to walk a true path. The Soul informs and enlightens the earth walk; the earth walk enriches the Soul.

This brings me full circle to realising the full meaning of my visitor this morning. Let me explain.. Whilst I was getting ready for meditation, I was sitting, staring into space, pondering my lack of creativity and how good it would be to begin writing again, something I haven’t done for some considerable time.

Into my waking vision popped Heron, curiously looking around. After my initial delight at seeing him, a few seconds later, he left. Thanks to Heron blessing me with his unexpected arrival, his message for me and for you is clear.

We need only to maintain our balance, a foot in each world, to tap into our inner fire, our Soul and follow the blessings that are presented to us, just like today.

I will give myself space to sit in that place; to be with my Soul and stare and ponder, to ‘see’ and create from it, just as I used to, allowing my creativity to take flight once again on strong wings. Will you?



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