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The Soul's Journey

In the place of no time, The Soul was happy and content within her father’s Kingdom, surrounded by the love of friends and family. Often, she sat high above, observing the landscape below, it intrigued and spoke to her. Drawn by the beauty she saw in the Earth, intrigue turned to desire and she made a decision to visit this beautiful place which looked clear and fine from her vantage point. The Soul's Journey had begun ...

Her descent into this land was both a joy and a confusion, since as the landscape became clearer, she began to forget why and where she’d come from. As her journey progressed on this beautiful earth, The Soul realised the land beneath her father’s kingdom was both beautiful yet harsh. The journey was long and she now approached the longed for landscape with a little trepidation. For on closer inspection, what she’d originally seen as golden fields and lush valleys, had turned to brush that was difficult to navigate, while the beautiful green of the forest soon became a maze.

All too soon, she lost her way and found that The Path through the forest was non-existent. Branches hung low and undergrowth was thickly woven, catching her when she least expected it, pulling at her and at times trapping her in messy tangles that left her exhausted and hurt. Clearings that looked from a distance to be resting places were often thick with brambles that were impossible to navigate without care, punctuated with fallen trees that had to be climbed over. Why was it so hard?

The Soul continued to walk, despite being weary. Something inside her told her to keep going, she knew there was more to life than this, after all, she had seen the Earth’s beauty from afar, how had it changed? How had she become so entangled? It seemed the more she saw difficulty, the more difficult The Path became. The journey was far harder than it had looked from his father’s Kingdom, she no longer knew where she was going or even why.

She heard a bird cry out from a tree top, high above her head, where a magnificent Hawk, spoke to her, not in words her ears could comprehend, but in ways a place deep inside her understood. “Follow me, I see the way...” The Soul, grateful for the insight that Hawk had, moved slowly forward, as she was led slowly through the forest.

That the Hawk was a noble assistant to her journey became clear, when they reached a clearing in the forest where sat a Grandmother, patiently preparing food. It was apparent she was expecting company, which struck The Soul as strange out here, as she had felt she was quite alone during her journey, save for the natural beings of the forest.

The Grandmother seemed to have been expecting her, as she patted the stool beside her and continued her task. The soul was full of questions, not least of which was how did she get here, and how could she find her way through the this forest?

Grandmother sat quietly, listening and answering questions here and there. She took The Soul inside her little cottage where she rested, peacefully and ate wonderful food that was full of love and reminded her of home. The thought of her father’s Kingdom, Home, made her sad, for she knew deep within, that she had forgotten far more than she knew.

Grandmother knew, of that she was sure, since as she sat with her wisdom, she began to see pathways through the forest open up and began to understand the Journey more.

When the day came to leave, The Soul began her journey once again, from a different perspective, happier and clearer, she stepped forward boldly, for she knew in her heart the right way to go.

If the Soul's Journey resonates with you and you'd like some help to see a way forward, maybe you should come and spend some time with this Grandmother …

Blessings on your path


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