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How to Feel Good on a Daily Basis

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We all know that the world these days, certainly in the West, is a busy, stressful place,, many have lost the ability to feel good on a daily basis. With pressures placed upon us from an early age, it seems the days are long gone, when children could be children, now they're expected to meet targets, pass benchmarks and conform to what at times can seem a rigid mould that tells us how they should be and at what stage of their development.

As adults, we are living in a society that encourages materialism, consumerism and competition. Whilst competition can be a good thing if it inspires us to reach our goals, it can also be another pressure. The workplace is a major stress factor in many people's lives and pressures from expectations within your role, to the environment you work in all have a far reaching effect on our lives and relationships with others. It's not hard to see how in today's society, stress is a major health issue.

To establish a better way of feeling and being on a personal level and therefore within our lives, some simple steps to lift and promote a feel good factor on a daily basis can go a long way to help you to bring your life back into a better balance and a happier way of living.

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Like Attracts Like

The Universe reflects our thoughts and feelings back to us, this is known as the Law of Attraction. Therefore, if you can move yourself to a place of happiness, even briefly, that is going to elevate you and your day will reflect that. Eventually, if you maintain a happy balanced way of living, your life will reflect that on a long term basis.

Try beginning your day by putting yourself into a good feeling space, before you move from your bed. Think of things that make you feel good or happy, something as simple as appreciating how it feels to wake up in a warm comfortable bed!

Start an appreciation journal.

Each day write in it a minimum of 3 things you are appreciative of in your life. Once you start, you'll find that there are so many things to appreciate you could write a whole list every day... and why not!? Go for it. Appreciation sends out happy messages to the Universe which in turn ... will send you more things to be appreciative of.Create Relevant Content

What makes you feel good?

When was the last time you treated yourself to something nice? When was the last time you listened to your favourite music? Last had a bubble bath? Doing something regularly, that is JUST FOR YOU is a way of giving yourself emotional, mental, spiritual or physical strokes that make you feel good! A few things are listed below as examples, but I'm sure you can think of many more.

  • A walk in nature

  • A soak in a bubble bath with candles and soft music

  • Listening to your favourite music (without doing other tasks at the same time!)

  • An activity that you enjoy, maybe something you haven't done in a while

  • Buying yourself some flowers, flowers always uplift a space and don't have to cost the earth. If you have some in the garden you can cut, even better to be able to sit and admire them as the fruits of your labour.

  • Watching something that you know makes you laugh

  • Meditating

  • Spending relaxation time with family and friends

Slow Down!

When life is hectic, it can become a habit to do everything quickly, to need to pack in as much as possible into a day, or find lots of things that need to be done. You and your health are more important than doing all the jobs on your to do list! Learn to prioritise, not everything needs to be done right now! So many things will still be there to do another day. It's far more important that you can take time to relax and maybe even do nothing!! Take time out to have some fun, whatever that may be for you.

Building some kind of relaxation practice into your life can have huge impacts on health and well being. Anything from meditation to yoga or tai chi can benefit physically as well as on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Self Care

Bringing in an element of Self Care to your life can help you stay balanced and centred while allowing you to get things into perspective or let go of issues that may be holding you back.



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